The Hummingbird and Mayan Mysticism

The hummingbird, known as "tzunun" in the Mayan language, is a symbol of great significance in the culture of this ancient civilization. For the Mayans, the hummingbird not only represented beauty and agility, but it was also a messenger between the living and the dead. According to mythology, hummingbirds carried thoughts and desires, flying from flower to flower and heart to heart, carrying messages of love and hope. Additionally, their ability to fly in all directions, even backward, symbolized the connection between the past and the present, a constant reminder of the importance of roots and personal history.


Today, the hummingbird has found a new place in the world of women's fashion. This small but vibrant bird has captured the imagination of designers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Its image adorns everything from clothing to accessories, reflecting a style that combines delicacy and strength. The popularity of the hummingbird in fashion can be attributed to its symbolism of joy, lightness, and resilience, values that strongly resonate in the contemporary context. For all these reasons, at CHULA Tulum, we incorporate various collections and art related to the hummingbird, making it one of our iconic designs, always adding a touch of color and dynamism.


The hummingbird in fashion is not only an aesthetic trend but also a statement of intent. By incorporating this symbol into their outfits, many women seek to express a connection with nature and an admiration for ancestral culture. Moreover, the choice of a hummingbird can convey a personal message of hope and transformation, similar to the role this bird played in Mayan mythology. In this way, the hummingbird continues to be a bridge between eras and cultures, uniting the ancient Mayan mysticism with the vibrant modernity of contemporary design.