CHULA is a proud Mexican brand, which began on the Riviera Maya with the aim of bringing the best of Mexican essence to the world. Our designs are inspired by the Latino woman, her strength and spirit.

Here you'll find women's bags and unique accessories that represent Mexico's culture and tradition.

We create durable, functional products that match your style and go with you every time.

Our philosophy is based on sustainability, all our products are made of natural fibers, free of animal abuse and under a fair trade scheme.


Our commitment is to deliver functional, durable, high-quality products. The entire production process is based on a sustainability scheme, where community and environmental care are our priority.

We are proud to have several certifications that support our principles:

  • Products made 100% in Mexico
  • Free from animal cruelty
  • Under a Fair-Trade scheme
  • Durability and functionality to avoid fast fashion

When you buy A PRODUCT from CHULA, you are guaranteed to have an item in your hands. made with love and environmental awareness.

Experience THE CHULA Latino Fashion attitude