Fairtrade, Our Way for a More Humane Enterprise

One of the pillars at CHULA Tulum is to rely on fair trade to offer better opportunities to those involved in our entire production process before a CHULA bag reaches your hands. This way, you can be certain that you are contributing to a movement that makes a difference in manufacturing what you consume.

What's special about Fairtrade?

It is an initiative that values production efforts across the globe. It guarantees the necessary guidelines for companies and small producers to maintain favorable and equitable relationships. However, it is much more than a stamp, it is a movement that came to change the dynamics with respect to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model.

Fairtrade proposes to balance economic and trade relations through a socio-economic movement aimed to achieve sustainable development. In this way, we dignify each of our collaborators and contribute to a better quality of life.

Changing the Rules of the Game

Our goal at CHULA is to ensure fair working conditions seeking women's empowerment and ensuring a happy childhood by eliminating child labor. This social responsibility also impacts on the environment as we protect it by refusing to use animal skin.

Therefore, having bags with the Fairtrade badge shows that the product favors the social sectors (customer, employees, community) and the environment (climate change).

We are Better When We are Prepared

A competitive advantage that encouraged us to join the Fairtrade community was to attend to needs previously ignored by international fashion. While the process demands a lot of attention and detail, it also reflects the quality of the company we are. 

Who ignores the socio-environmental impact today? We must be clear that it’s not fashion, it’s philosophy that gradually takes shape. Our intention is to understand the new needs of a more prepared market and to offer products that meet quality standards, bearing in mind the strength and momentum of Latina women.

Active Female Participation

We also maintain constant training to learn about and implement continuous improvements to our trading system, taking into account the dynamics of franchises, with which we contribute to the economic independence of women around the world.

Since its foundation ten years ago, the CHULA experience encompasses and addresses social issues such as youth inclusion, child protection, and opening up more opportunities for women's active participation in it.

Our Core Value: Consumers

The brand is designed to work together with our consumer community. We are a company that cares about the buyer’s experience and we seek to obtain sustainable, lasting and stylish products.

CHULA is a brand that cares and occupies for the well-being of the planet. This is reflected in eco-friendly bags, made with love toward women and the planet. Together with Fairtrade and all our certifications, we are forming a community that cares for the environment and its people.

Discover all the CHULA experience our women's bag collections give you, and join the CHULA Tulum community.