The Slow Fashion Movement

One of CHULA's biggest commitments is to bring out the best of Latin fashion and the essence of the world. With its Slow Fashion policy and sustainable production guidelines in mind, CHULA takes action for the environment and its community.

That’s why we are proud advocates of the slow fashion movement, also known as slow fashion, which is a lifestyle that seeks to raise awareness in the textile industry and among consumers about the importance of organic fashion.

It was created as a response to fast fashion and mass production processes that do not take into account the environmental and social impact it has on making the fashion industry the second most polluting activity on the planet.

Due to the low quality garments or articles produced in this system, human and natural resources are exploited and don't last for long.

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is part of a conscious and ethical production process based on respect for the environment, animals and workers. Under this policy, CHULA takes into account the following points during the manufacturing process of its handbags for women.


The materials that handbags are made with are natural or organic that are free of chemicals and animal cruelty.


Handbags must be made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term use.

Care of People

Workers involved in making handbags receive fair treatment and pay without the employment of minors.

Environmental awareness

Slow processing times are established and sustainable processes that seek to save water, reduce carbon footprint and avoid zero waste are prioritized.

Why are CHULA Handbags made with love?

At CHULA we love style, fashion and especially the environment. This way our production process is based on slow fashion and ecological fashion. We ensure that each of our bags is made of natural materials of the highest quality.

Not only does CHULA's handbags stand out for their incredible designs, versatility and best finishes, but we strive every day to get a durable, authentic, and fashionable product to your hands that will last you. This makes it the perfect accessory for every occasion that matches with any outfit.

Each of our bags are made with love because we care for every detail, from the choice of materials, natural, free of animal abuse, careful creation, made by Mexican hands, that make your art an indispensable element and of high value at an affordable cost.

Each member of CHULA Mod is a key part of this adventure and therefore it is essential to offer optimum conditions of employment for the company to function efficiently.

Because we care about the future and the environment, our processes are focused on optimizing resources, managing materials well and avoiding pollution and waste.

We want to do our part towards making our world a better place so that you can always look fashionable and be assured that you own an item made in a sustainable and loving way.

Meet our collection of bags for women and fill yourself with style with CHULA Moda Latina.