Why is CHULA Tulum Animal Cruelty-Free?

CHULA Tulum is a Mexican brand proudly creating handbags for women with a priority of producing animal-free products.

The Animal Free Fashion Project is an initiative launched by the ANTI-Vivisection League (LAV), which aims to promote ethical, sustainable and animal-friendly textiles.

CHULA  bags use high quality and long-lasting synthetic fibers. Due to this, we can assure you that you will stand out every time you rock your CHULA handbag because you’re buying a product that is authentic, stylish, and will be by your side for a long time.

Why choose Cruelty-Free brands?

As each day goes by, consumers are starting to become more conscious about what products they’re buying and how the products are made. They are committed to consuming products responsibly and choose brands that represent their terms of environmental care as well as fair and ethical production practices.

As a brand, we know how important it is for our consumers to have products that save the environment, therefore making small changes not only benefits our environment, but it benefits our health by ensuring that the products do not contain toxins.

Ultimately, it is a cycle that helps us make this a better planet in each and every way.

Discover CHULA Tulum and its collection of bags

From the wide variety of bags to the designs in each of CHULA Tulum’s collections, you will fall in love with your CHULA bag and stand out everytime you wear it.

The best part about CHULA’s products is that its products are made with love, by Mexican hands, and with designs inspired by the strength and personality of Latina women.

Its production is based on a completely sustainable policy that promotes slow fashion and uses synthetic and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, fair working conditions and community assistance is provided and minors are not employed.

Browse our handbag collection, we are sure you will find the model that best suits your needs and style. Be in love with its colors, prints and always look beautiful and stylish, with the peace of mind that you’re consuming a sustainable and friendly product.