How Many Bags Does a Woman Need?

Don’t we all just love to joke that men tend to make when they say “how many bags does a woman need?” It’s a fun way to let us know that we have too many bags without telling us that we actually have too many bags. 

But for those who are actually wondering, well how many bags does a woman need and how many bags should I have as a woman? 

We have the perfect guide to help you determine which ones you need by letting you know which ones are a must-have because they’re classic and will always come in handy. 

Here at Chula Moda there are four bags that we absolutely recommend for every woman because with these four bags you will never have to worry about it not being big enough to fit your essentials, small enough to take on the go, or fashionable enough for an occasion. 

A travel bag is a bag that every woman should have at least one of in their collection. It’s perfect for the time that you never know if you have to head to a girlfriend’s house for the weekend or catch a quick flight for a weekend getaway. 

As women, we know it’s not always easy packing light but for the times that we have to, a small travel bag is a classic that you must have. 

A travel bag is also perfect for a diaper bag as it has enough space, pockets, and compartments to fit all your baby essentials PLUS you can throw it over your shoulder or across your body when you’re on the go. 

The next bag every woman should have at least one in their collection is a backpack. This is perfect for the days that you need to head out but you need to take more than the average that you take on a regular day. 

An example would be if you’re headed to go work at a cafe and you need something that holds your laptop, work materials, and more. 

A backpack is a woman’s best friend when it comes to handbags because it is one of the only bags we actually don’t have to carry in our hands. With it’s two straps and the ability to hold it on your back, a backpack allows you to be hands free all day long. 

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One of our favorite parts about Chula Moda’s backpack is that it doesn’t have just one compartment that you’re forced to put all of your items in. Our backpacks have various pockets that allow you to easily reach for your phone, wallet, car keys, and more.

The third bag every woman should have at least one of in their collection is a crossbody bag. Similar to the backpack, the crossbody bag allows you to be hands-free. 

With it’s one strap going across your body and the ability to hold it on your shoulder, the crossbody bag is the perfect accessory for every woman who wants to carry something small and be handsfree.

The crossbody bag is perfect for a day-trip while traveling as it isn’t a bag that is too big that would need to be inspected by security when going into an airport, museums, or any place with a security team.

 It’s also perfect for going for a walk and you need something a little bigger than a fanny pack. A crossbody will fit your small essentials while being hands-free.

The final bag that every woman should have at least one of in their collection is the basic handbag. A handbag is perfect to fit your everyday essentials as it is the midway bag between a large travel bag and a small crossbody bag. 

A handbag can fit both of your small items and large items which seem to be an everyday battle with women trying to fit their essentials into one bag. Our favorite part about the handbag is that it is the most versatile bag as it can be worn in several ways for several occasions. 

For example, at Chula Moda, our handbags can be worn on your shoulder, across your body, or in your hand. As women, we love flexibility and a handbag will give you all the flexibility you’re looking for. Even when it comes to occasions, handbags can be perfect for everyday use as well as for a special occasion. 

With these four bags, you will never have to worry about the everyday battle of which bag should I wear today or will I have a bag that is perfect for this occasion. 

Between these four bags that we here at Chula Moda recommend that every woman has, you will be good to go no matter what occasion comes up or situation comes your way when you need a handbag.

Does that answer the question that everyone is wondering? How many bags does a woman need? Here at Chula Moda, we recommend at least four classic handbags and lucky for you with all four of those bags for you to choose from in several colors and styles. 

Which bag can you absolutely not go without having in your closet? Share with us below!