Our Top 3 Tips to Help Keep Your Bag in Good Condition

Buying a new handbag is an exciting experience for most of us. We’re sure we can all agree that’s a fact and there is usually something that makes the idea of needing a new handbag come to our mind. It could be your first time making a handbag purchase, you could be shopping for a special occasion, or it might be time to replace your current one.

Even though our hope is that the thought of you needing to buy a new handbag doesn’t come from the event of a previous one being damaged, we understand that it happens and it’s a great excuse to upgrade! Since our number one priority we recommend to our customers is to keep their handbag in condition by performing frequent maintenance, we want to share with you our top tips to help keep your handbag in good condition.

Our first tip is to always keep your handbag in a safe place when you’re using it and when you’re not using it. Usually when we neglect our handbags by putting them in places where they could buy high damage risk, we tend to not be happy with the consequences that come with it. To prevent this from the beginning, we recommend keeping your handbag in a safe place at home when you’re not using it, such as in your closet on a shelf that is high up. When you’re using it, keep it in your lap or hang it somewhere close to you. 

Our second tip is be aware of what items you’re putting in your bag. We understand that a handbag is a woman’s best friend but it can often be used as a ‘junk drawer’ for many women. Whenever you’re putting items in your bag, make sure they are dry items that will not cause the bag to cut or tear. If you choose to put an item in your bag of wet contents, make sure it is completely sealed before putting it in the bag or in a protected container.

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Our third tip is to prevent accidents happening while you’re out with the handbag by using rain or stain repellent. You can spray your bag with it before heading out to ensure that the rain or a stain doesn’t damage the bag. There are also cleaners that you can spray on immediately after you get a stain on the bag that will help remove it. Depending on the material of the bag, you can also use substances like baking soda, milk, or alcohol.

Overall, taking care of your handbag should be a priority of yours if you want it to last a long time. With these tips, you will surely be able to keep your bag in good condition no matter what happens to it. You will also be able to prevent your handbag from being in a situation where it could possibly get damaged again. 

At CHULA, we know how important it is to provide maintenance to your handbag on a regular basis and we also know how exciting it can be when you first make your handbag purchase. That’s why we make sure that we provide you with information on how to keep your handbag in good condition so every purchase you make is with excitement.