The Best Way to Celebrate National Handbag Day
It is clear that everyday we enjoy the comfort of using a bag; join CHULA as we share the best way to celebrate National Handbag Day. Continue reading for a surprise at the end of the blog!
Of course, there had to be a special day dedicated to an essential accessory like a bag. An unforgettable companion not only to every woman but also for some men.
Show off and feel powerful with our best bag on October 10th!
Where do I find my exclusive bag? Only at CHULA. These bags are unique, that is why on this special day we celebrate and are thankful for the different styles that are so versatile, useful and fashionable.
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There are bags with many shapes and colors; but nothing compares to finding that one  perfect bag that you carry with you despite how aged it is. The many features surprise us and the best yet is that like very few articles, let us have imagination and creativity.

Flowered Skull Collection

*Flowered Skull handbag collection.



A bag, A Symbol

Let's start by giving bags the importance they deserve, since their creation, they have been a symbol of status, luxury and power. All bags are special no matter the size.  Luckily, we have exclusive designs, unique shapes that give you extra comfort.


Our bags are made with synthetic fiber quality materials that speak for themselves. They represent bags that can accompany you for any occasion and have a great lifespan.


It's a special memory, and that's just what we offer at CHULA; unforgettable moments and experiences that unite the bag with you. One of our favorite models in CHULA are the backpacks for women and girls, which are so versatile, that you can use both in your day to day, and at special events.


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You can explore our collections such as the Aeda, Mandala namaste  Within our social media you can find tips, styles, and ways to combine your bag with outfits.  Don’t miss our special section of discounts and promotions.

Flowered Skull Maxi wallet

*Flowered Skull Maxi wallet



As mentioned, this day is to show off with your best CHULA bag. One way to share your excitement is on Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay. The magic of social media is that you can reach quite a few people, no matter the place, so we invite you to share your outfit  with your favorite bag.


CHULA is all over the world, and now comes to the United States, to continue sharing all styles of the Latin women. This month is special for us, as we bring out the best in CHULA with exclusive opportunities.


It doesn't matter if you're from Florida, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or Chicago; we ship all over the country.  These bags are the best gift for any occasion; you can't go wrong.

At CHULA we understand this perfectly; that's why we are revealing that only on October 10 you can get up to 25% discount on selected bags.


So don’t forget, this day we celebrate all together the luxury of having a bag, with style, comfort and versatility, which CHULA delivers.


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