The truth about phone bags in 5 minutes

Phone bags are surely the most controversial type of bag out there, don't you think? While some hate them, others love them. But the truth is that they are becoming more and more popular.

Less is more,

The minimalist trend also comes to bags, and in recent years celebrities have been seen with phone bags. What makes these types of bags special is how adorable they look, and they reinforce the trend of 'less, it's more'; and are part of the mini and micro bags.

These bags are the ones you take on last minute outings, to run errands, in which all you need is your phone, wallet and keys, period. Why carry a super bag, if you can save all that space with how great phone bags are.

In addition, they leave a lot to the imagination. It's a fact: these bags mark a before and after in fashion, but what made them popular? Honestly, phone bags already existed for many years, but they were ignored by people, and even by designers.

The fashion of going without bags reminded us of the need for a cute, functional, and practical bag. The answer is obvious. These models are the most popular bags this 2021; and in CHULA you can find the one that best fits you.

Aeda - Portacel Amelie

If you are one of those who can not spend more than 5 minutes without checking the cell phone, this model is for you. Since its touch screen is very practical and easy to use. You can store your cell phone and keys; all without neglecting the style that characterizes you. This model is one of our favorites, and you can combine it with other types of bags 

Do you already know the entire Aeda collection?


Frida Beauty - Porta cel Amelie

Once you see the Frida Beauty model you will fall in love. Its harmonious colors give you the feeling of tranquility and happiness. In addition to being pretty, the Frida Beauty model has an adjustable strap, which will allow you to go hands-free, and use it as a normal bag; you can even store your sunglasses, in its multiple interior compartments.


 great accessory

The wonderful thing about CHULA's porta-cel is that they have several interior compartments; thanks to that, you can carry more than just your phone and credit cards. Unlike other models and brands, with tight spaces. This is true! Adjustable straps allow you to move more freely, even if you're driving.

Circles - Porta cel Amelie

The neutral colors of this model gives the advantage of combining it and using it often.

It is certainly the model you can use for work, go for an ice cream, go on a trip or to a party. Use it with our other Circles style bags, or create your own combinations with any of our other bags.

Would you dare to try one of our phone bags? You can find all these models in our collections, and find out which one goes more with your style. In addition, take advantage of all our promotions, if you only thought of purchasing an Amelie, you will surely also take an Ana, Celia, or Mia.

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