La Catrina Mexicana always wears CHULA bags

La Catrina Mexicana always wears CHULA bags


The Catrina is a symbol that shouts Mexico! And on this date it is symbolic, that's why at CHULA we present our bags with designs inspired by this festivity, of course, without disregarding all the style and fashion that defines us.


The Garbancera Skull


The Day of the Dead is one of the oldest celebrations in Mexico, which is also celebrated in much of Latin America. For its part, the Catrinas are the most emblematic representative of this date. Costumes, makeup, ornaments and, of course, in the bags.


CHULA brings you the best designs to complete your outfit at this time, and the rest of the year. But before that, we will share a little about the origin of the Catrinas.



The fame that the Catrinas have is world-class, and we owe everything to the Mexican cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada, who perfectly portrayed the essence of the Mexican Indians, and created the Catrina. At first it was titled Calavera Garbancera,  in allusion to the chickpea plant sellers of the time.


As time passed, she became the Catrina we all know. Since then, designers, painters, photographers and other professionals have made adjustments of the symbolic  creation; that is always accompanied by colors, flowers, beautiful hats and spectacular bags, like the ones CHULA offers you.


Catrinas, style and CHULA


Skull Flowers

This is one of our favorite holidays, and we can't leave the date unnoticed. That's why we put all the CHULA women bags with a 30% discount. The best thing is that you can wear them with pride this season, and thanks to their original designs, you can wear them all year round.


We started our collections with the Skull Flowers. Without a doubt, a collection that brings all the elegance, luxury and power you need. All the bags can be used separately, or combined together for a monochromatic outfit. The choice is yours.

This collection consists of models of Clutch, Wallet, Ana Handbag, Backpack, and Tania Handbag. As you can see, there is a wide variety of models for you to choose the one you like the most... or all.

Flowered Skull


This collection represents the most tender and adorable side of the Catrina. In pastel pink, and with the characteristic flowers, when using any of these designs, you will feel more feminine than ever. Collection consists of a Wallet, Clutch, Milly or Tania Handbag, you will love this design. A plus that this collection has is the Pyramid bag and a Mini Trunk bag.

We just love this design! In particular, this collection represents the whole essence of this celebration. Vibrant colors, a very elegant Catrina, and several compartments so you can take everything you need anywhere. This collection is perfect for any occasion, since the Milly handbag has an extra strap for you to use on your shoulder.



Full of color, they show that, even in duels there are beautiful things to rescue. CHULA is inspired by all the strength, joy, love and rebelliousness of women, to share with everyone.

Did you know the origin of this celebration? It carries all the style, elegance and radiates joy with our fun designs, ideal for any event. Discover these and all the models we have for you in CHULA you, in the collections section.

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