What are fanny packs, and why everyone wants to have one?

Without a doubt, fanny packs, or as we call them at CHULA, kangoobags are making their way around the world; they really are. Now, everywhere you turn, at least one woman is wearing them. But why does everyone want one? Keep reading this blog, where we reveal the secret behind fanny packs.


A sudden burst of popularity

Before, fanny packs were only worn as streetwear, something very casual, and went unnoticed. But now, some women even wear them with heels how they made that giant leap! With the increase in popularity, fanny packs became a basic that every woman should have in her closet.

Fanny packs are the perfect accessory to wear however you want. No matter the outfit, the occasion, or the place, they are always a good option; because they are pretty spacious, practical, and comfortable.


A thousand ways to wear them

Whether it's the standard way around the waist or across the chest, fanny packs are always there for you. You can wear them as a shoulder bag, thanks to the adjustable strap that adapts to the shape of your body. All CHULA fanny packs will make you feel free and on-trend in style.

We love this bag because even though it's trendy now, it looks like it will be around for many years to come. So, don't worry, CHULA bags have the characteristic of being long-lasting, thanks to the excellent quality of the materials they are made of.

Mandala yellow Kangoobag

Style, flexibility, and comfort all in one. Our Mandala yellow Kangoobag is one of the most versatile bags you can add to your collection. Its vibrant colors will make any day a happy one. Inspired by the city's dynamism, it lives up to this idea because it's perfect for commuting to work or sightseeing in your city.


Why give a fanny pack a chance?

It is simple because it has a perfect size and discreet shape to carry everything you need and, of course, in an organized way, because of the extra compartments that all our fanny packs have. Carry your keys, makeup, wallet, cell phone and more.

The comfort that fanny packs give us is thanks to the fact that they are attached to the waist, so you don't have to worry if you drop it when you make sudden movements, you have all the freedom to exercise or go on a shopping day. The secure clips enhance that confidence because it doesn't just hang down.


Mandala red Kangoobag

Another model that has become one of our favorites is the Mandala Red, and this bag gives you energy and excitement from the moment you see it. This is thanks to its vibrant red color and design. These luxurious fanny packs are a clear example of how something so casual can become a status accessory.


Summer Flower Kangoobag

Finally, a more delicate option is our Summer Flower Kangoobag. This fanny pack represents all the subtlety and grace of women. Ideal for wearing it with dresses on an evening with friends or at a family dinner. You can even wear it to a music festival.



Fanny packs are neither small bags, nor big bags; they are the perfect in-between to store what you need, of course, without filling it to the top; because this could damage your bag quickly.

Other names for these bags are 'moon bag', or 'waist bag'. Whatever you call it, rest assured that at CHULA you will find your ideal model. You can even combine them with other of our collections, do you already know them?

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