How to Find the Perfect Bag for Every Occasion

Whether you’re going to the beach, to work, a romantic outing, or a party with your friends, your bag is always a must, as they are known to be an important item to top off your outfit. In a nutshell, it’s a must for every occasion. 

With the Chula Moda Latina handbag collection, you will see yourself how you can stand out with your bag, because besides having beautiful designs and colors, it is a 100% Mexican brand. Plus let’s be honest...who is not interested in a product, that is sustainable, original, and animal cruelty free? We know that you do, too and you can get a bag just like that here!

If you don’t know how to choose the perfect bag for that special occasion, don’t worry! We have your back! You will be surprised by the variety of styles there are!


The perfect bag for you


Tote Shoulder Bag

Meet Tania, Naomi, Celia, and Karen. These bags always get the greatest use because they are spacious and they go with every outfit. 

Their long handles allow them to be worn on the shoulder or the forearm, and best of all, they are designed to carry everything you need. They are perfect for any occasion whether it is work, school, or a night out. 



These bags are smaller in size and often confused with “handbags” when actually clutches are similar to purses except they have small straps to hang on. 

These small rectangular-shaped bags are perfect for carrying them on a night out because of how sophisticated they are, but also during the day to a formal event are a lifesaver!

At Chula Moda Latina, you will find a variety of designs like the traditional clutch, mini clutch, and the iconic pyramid, the triangle shaped bag that will grab everyone’s attention. And best of all, they are comfortable!



Of course, we cannot forget about backpacks on this list but let’s admit it...backpacks never go out of style and they are one of the most essential bags.

Aside from being just for students, they have become more stylish and fashionable. They are practically always in the eyes of any designer. 

There are many types of backpacks but in Chula Moda Latina, we have designs with Mexican essence: backpack, celine backpack, and mini backpack. Yes, if you want a relaxed style then they are great for you as they are perfect for going on a walk or a shopping day. 



This accessory is one that is passed on from generation to generation and without ever going out of style. Thanks to how versatile it is, the handbag is also the most efficient out of all the bags there are.

It is perfect for any kind of occasion depending on the design and the adaptability to where we are. Chula Moda Latina have amazing designs that look perfect no matter where you are. Ana, Angie, Isabel, Milly, Mini Nicole will be your favorites.


Cross Body Bag

Most likely known as the most comfortable bag that there is because of its size and not having to worry about carrying it in your hand. It also ensures security thanks to the long strip that crosses your chest. 

Aside from that, you will feel more comfortable without losing style. The models of Chula Moda Latina: Mira, Lia, Iris, and mini trunk ones you need so much. Thanks to its beautiful style, bold colors and the quality of the bag, they will bring out the best in your outfit. Now you are ready for a walk, a night out at the movies, or even to a casual party. 



Another accessory that is as efficient as having a wallet is always essential. It’s just like a wallet but bigger and with more style added to it. 

If you are someone who doesn't like to load a lot of things around with them and you’re looking for something easier, a wallet is perfect for you.

With Chula Moda Wallets, you’ll always be in style, whether you’re aiming for a casual or fancy look. Our different designs such as the big zip wallet, medium double, zip wallet, wallet Brenda or Jenna will make your look amazing if you’re headed out to a nightclub, at a formal nightclub, a formal dinner or even shopping with friends!

Another thing about Chula Moda Latina is with a large variety of styles and colors as far as bags goes...just imagine the combinations you can make.

Experience the essence and vibe of Chula Moda Latina with an amazing collection of bags for every occasion. There’s a perfect bag for you!


Do you have an important event and you don’t know which bag is best? Don’t worry! Chula Moda Latina has the perfect bag for every occasion with the best designs, colors, and style so that you can look amazing!