Why are we all obsessed with Very Peri? The Pantone of 2022

All stores are covered with the Pantone of 2022, the Very Peri; delicate, memorable, and with many secrets. We bring you our best bags, with CHULA quality, so you can wear this dazzling color without losing style.

The color of 2022

Where's all the fuss about a color coming from? It's not just a color. At first glance, it looks like a purple tone, nothing more, but what it hides, in reality, is the thorough work, as it is a new color. At least according to the Pantone color cataloging service.

The Pantone Institute launches every year, especially this December, the color that will represent the fashion, film, art, and even travel sectors! Aesthetics are essential on the runways and in collections. Handbags are no exception.

Mandala Rosato Milly

We present you the Mandala Rosato Milly to start our Very Peri collection. This is a bag that will never go unnoticed. The combination of colors that complement the Very Peri makes you feel cheerful, serene, and creative.

This bag is ideal for a day event, and you can combine it with a white outfit to show your friendly side, or with black, if you want to show your strong side. With both styles, it looks perfect, besides being comfortable and spacious, because it has three compartments with which you can organize your makeup, cell phone, and everything you want.

But, let's see, going back a little bit to the Pantone's burst, it's a color created from scratch. With shades of blue and a hint of red, the combination of all the good things that these two shades represent creativity particularly.


Frida Nature - Mia

This bag brings all the vintage style, which embodies everything the Pantone stands for. That is the brave, creative and imaginative personalities. A plus of this model is the adjustable strap, which allows you to wear it in several ways, such as over the shoulder, cross-body, or by hand.

Frida Nature - Mia is the perfect size to take with you on a day out, walking around the square, or to a formal family event. If femininity were a bag, it would be the Frida Nature.

CHULA fashion is all about expressing your emotions

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, explained how the new color relates to what is currently being experienced. "Creating a new color for the first time in the history of our educational color Pantone Color of the Year reflects the innovation and global transformation that is taking place."

And if we think about what the color reflects, to begin with, purple is the color of magic, of imagination. But also of royalty, of empowerment, and that's just what we show at CHULA.

Flower purple - Lia

Our bags are created to make you feel good, fashionable, and of course, CHULA. As the crown jewel, we bring you the Flower purple - Lia. This bag combines all the elements that will mark the year 2022: dynamism, new possibilities, and innovation.

You can combine this fabulous bag with a relaxed outfit for those days when you need to be with yourself, and remember that even on the simplest of days, you can stand out by using fashion to your advantage.

Colors are a form of expression and a reflection of ourselves. We invite you to explore all the CHULA colors to wear with every mood you can find in our collections section.

A plus that we give you is that the entire online store has a 30% discount. Add to your cart as many as you want, either for yourself or as the perfect gift for these dates.

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