3 Reasons Why Mini Nicol Bags Should Be In Your Closet Now!

These bags are popular for their relaxed and off-the-beaten-path silhouette. These Mini Nicol bags deserve a chance in your closet, we will tell you why. Either you love them, or you hate them. 


Despite their appearance, they are actually very spacious, relaxed and fun bags. You can store everything in them, from jewelry to a laptop- thanks to the interior compartments.. By the way, we have a section dedicated exclusively to laptop bags, stay on the lookout, we will surely have a blog with all the details.

Bohemian Elegance

This type of bag is for those free souls, with a bohemian elegance. It's ideal for a relaxed beach trip or a spa day. It has all the calming energy for those self-care days, and of course, your CHULA bag.

What makes these bags special?

The main feature of these bags is their crescent silhouette, and loose shape. By the way, these bags are the simplest and most comfortable CHULA carries,they are very practical, to be honest. In addition, they have the perfect size, neither big nor small.

Crazy thing is that these bags have been on the market for years, but reached their peak in the year 2000, when celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson, Kendall Jenner, Kate Bosworth, and Nicky Hilton put these models on high demand.

Mandala Colors

Despite the years, they are still fashionable because they're just fantastic. You can combine your Mini Nicol with everything, for a completely relaxed look, even with cocktail dresses. One of the secrets of our bags is the materials that make them flexible bags, which seem to move with you.

Mandala Turquoise

This bag is comparable with bohemian elegance. Do you know why they gave it that meaning? The shape resembles the so-called 'hobos', which is, small bags that travelers carried tied to a branch. Designers fell so in love with this concept, that Ashley Olsen was one of the first to proudly unveil this bag.

And how good it fits! Don't you think? This bag is the representation of all her style, liberated, elegant, mystical, out of all rules. At the same time it is a bag that represents all minimalist fashion.

Another curious fact is that, in its beginnings, these models of bags were on the market at only 35 cents. If these data aroused your curiosity about the history of bags, in CHULA we tell you all.

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Mandala purple

Our Mandala purple bag has its own touch. Inspired by dreamy,rebellious & free spirited, it has a design that invites us to follow our own desires. We adapt the extra compartments to the interior, to make it easier and safer for you to store your things, and keep the beauty of the bag simple.

In CHULA we are proud to continue promoting these bags, which still manage to maintain themselves despite the new trends. It is a bag that we all love and need!

Do you still have doubts on adding a Mini Nicol bag in your collection? A plus that CHULA has is that the designs are for all seasons, so it does not matter if it is summer or winter, they still look trendy. Here's the beauty of a Mini Nicol bag; that combines both.

The best thing is that there are selected bags that have a special discount. Do you want to know what they are? Enter our collections section, and be amazed by all the great sales
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