The Art of Frida transcending into Mexican Fashion

Who said that Mexican style is not fashionable? An artist, feminist, innovator, and Mexican! It inspires us everyday to be ourselves.

Let’s see, there are quite a lot of different highlights to the point where one blog cannot cover all of what the Frida style has brought to fashion, not only in Mexico but in other parts of Latin America. 

That is exactly what we strive for here at CHULA Moda Latina. We stand up for and share that inspiration with all Latinas and all parts of the world.

We now celebrate with you that we have finally arrived in the United States! Our women’s bags are now expanding to be part of your life and where you are. 

Have you already seen our website? Become a CHULA girl and always carry the Mexican essence with you.

Let’s Be Powerful

A few years ago, I didn’t understand the impact of Frida style. A teacher once told me that Frida Kahlo was the best, as a woman, an artist, and all of the above in fashion. One day she confessed to me that her outfits have a strong influence from Mexican culture.

And at the same time, every opportunity she had to mention to us about the importance of investing in ourselves, she did. She told us to bet on our image not from a self-centered point but rather from a confident, sosphiscated, secure, and powerful perspective.

Those comments that my teacher made created a lot of thoughts in my head, because the truth was, it seemed very superficial to me. However, I began to realize that it is true. The clothes we choose to wear, the shoes, accessories and more, can have a good impact on how we feel about ourselves on the day that we wear them. 

Your Perfect Accessory

Thus far I understand the value of the advice that my teacher gave. The sense of creating something that is distinctive and unique is important and that is exactly what you will find in CHULA Moda Latina. From our bags, shoes, and accessories, our products give you the freedom to express who you truly are: a determined, cheerful, and captivating woman. 

At CHULA Moda Latina, the Frida style resembles a compass that leads us to something that comes from the patterns and the use of vibrant colors that maximize your emotions. Be a pioneer, dare to make a difference, and be you because you are unique and we know it.

This is why we strive to boost your creativity to turn your own style into a reality. Frida taught us how to mix and match fashion and we want to share it with you so that you feel secure, admired, and passionate.

CHULA’s mission is to make the relationship of the accessory with your emotions, you know? When you see that bag, that necklace, you instantly go back to “that moment” to your first kiss, the perfect quote, your increase in confidence, and that is what the effect CHULA Moda Latina will have on you!

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