How Bags Make Our World a Better Place

As women, I understand that we tend to carry several things in one hand, and oftentimes we can carry several things at the same time. But the truth is… our bags are like our allies. In many ways, our bag can simply make us feel so much more confident, don't you think?

In my opinion, I was not a fan of handbags, nor any ‘women’s product’. A part of me didn’t feel drawn to it. Until one day, I was given a black bag. It was easy, compact, small, and a neutral color. And that marked the beginning of my journey of carrying bags with me everywhere I went.

At first I felt like I didn't need them. In my delirium, I could live without bags. Indeed, it could be, however, bags have so much more to offer us. I started to understand that it is not necessarily the bag itself. It is what the bag comes with. It is practical, comfortable, luxurious, and a way of showing my own style, because anyone could own a bag, but no one uses it like you.

Fall in love with practical and spacious designs

With that in mind, CHULA Moda Latina opted for unique designs, with which only you can use the bag. Tania, Milly, Giselle…the one you like is just yours. Let's think about it this way: no matter what you're looking for, you can find it with us.

Tote bag, backpack, or maybe a crossbody bag? We have everything. We create our bags with you in mind. We think of every situation you could use a bag in and we create it. Our goal is to make you look incredible by feeling incredible.

Experience the CHULA Life

That is what CHULA Moda Latina knows best. That is what we convey in CHULA. CHULA Moda Latina bags are not just any bag. With us you will find ‘the’ perfect companion. CHULA is impeccable. It has it all from style, comfort, elegance and luxury.

We all have a favorite bag that we carry everywhere, and we prefer it above all. We’ve spent good and bad times together; but it's there, isn't it? CHULA is that partner we all want to have. The one that keeps our secrets, gives us encouragement, and reminds us that we can with anything and in spite of everything.

CHULA is that unique and you know your bag when you see it. We women have that power to know what our bag is, even if they put a thousand different ones in front of us, we would find the one we are looking for instantly. Now that CHULA has arrived in the United States, to more women, to empower them, and make them realize how fabulous they are.

By the way, have you checked out all of our collections already? I'm sure you'll find just what you’re looking for. The best sets and quality. An additional gift by having a CHULA bag, you contribute to making a healthier and more equitable space in the world for our sustainable production model.